Formula 303 - Dee Cee Labs 90 Tabs

Formula 303 - Dee Cee Labs 90 Tabs


Help ease muscle spasms‚ anxiety‚ and stress when you use Formula 303® Tablets from Dee Cee Laboratories. This natural relaxant could provide support in alleviating symptoms related to pains‚ cramps‚ strains‚ and sprains. 

This natural relief formula comes with quad-strength passiflora that has been traditionally used to promote relaxation. It could help manage anxiety‚ addiction‚ restlessness‚ and nerves. Magnesium carbonate is an established antidote for stress‚ and is widely accepted as a robust relaxation mineral. It could calm the nervous system and fight inflammation that may deter good quality sleep. 

This homeopathic formulation from Dee Cee Laboratories packs a sedative‚ valerian root‚ which could calm anxiety and help induce sleep. It may lessen the time it takes you to fall asleep and enhance the quality of sleep in general. A combination of this trio could relieve back pain‚ muscle aches‚ and PMS cramps. 

Start taking Formula 303® Tablets from Dee Cee Laboratories and soothe yourself off to restful sleep.

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