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I have been a patient of Dr. Loretta Macri for many years and find her to be the absolute best Chiropractor around. Her knowledge of exactly what the problem is and her ability to treat me is nothing short of a miracle. I have had a problem with my back for many years but since …

Maria Mendolia

Dr. Macri has been my chiropractor for several years. She is by far the best I have ever seen. She has tremendously helped my neck and back problems, takes the time needed to throughly address your problems. She treats everything from a holistic point of view, which I appreciate.

Sharon Kiser

I love getting adjustment from Dr. Macri. she takes the time to work the tightness out of my back first. I have been to other Chiropactors and they just jolt my back and force it into alinement…then I am in more pain. After Dr. Macri adjustments I ALWAYS feel better. I brought my boyfriend (who hates doctors) after his session he said he would go back to her and he felt she was so knowledgable and he completely trusted her. I highly recommend Macri Wellness Center

Susan Kay C

Dr. Macri is wonderful! After suffering from severe and chronic back pain for about 5 years, I was recommended to her. After the first adjustment, my back pain was improved greatly. Now, after only a few treatments I am almost pain free. My quality of life has greatly improved because of Dr. Macri. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she also spends time with her patients and gets to know them. No 5 minute rushed appointments here. Highly recommended!

Caroline W

Honestly, this has helped me so much with my back. I can’t even put into words how incredible acupuncture actually is. Devan is AMAZING. Anyone who wants to give their body some TLC should go. Trust me guys I know first hand it works!

Chelsea D

My acupuncture session today was amazing. All of the sudden my fingers especially the middle one was touching my hand! I was so excited I almost cried. Thank you for what you did today!
Can’t wait till next week. You are a very special person Devan and your caring shows.

Gail W

This office is beautiful! Feels more like a spa than doctors office. I have seen the chiropractor, acupuncturist, and massage therapist here and they are all amazing. Very professional and friendly. Knowledgable and have great skills. Would recommend to anyone!

Danielle R